Monday 21 Jun 2021

St. Maarteners - Earn MyECO-Credits or Money with your waste!

Companies are looking to buy tons of Non-Ferrous metal scraps such as:

  • Aluminium scrap
  • Lead scrap
  • Copper Scrap

Momentarily the main scrap materials now sought for are:
- Aluminium auto wheel scraps
- Aluminium truck wheel scraps
- Aluminium auto castings scrap
- Aluminium cans ---> (drained soda cans, crushed or non-crushed)

You can bring small quantities (minimum 1 pound) of aluminium scrap to our collecting place on St. Maarten DWI.
Collection place - Kings of The Sea road #14
Office:  The Keys road 8
Sucker Garden
St. Maarten DWI
Tel. +1721 5439043

For huge scrap quantities contact here for it will be arranged to be picked up from your location.



For example:
1 pound of aluminium equals 34 drained soda/beer cans
Aluminium day rate*: $0.15 per pound
If you deliver 20 pounds of aluminium (680 drained cans) you get:
- MyEco-Credit accumulation: 20 pounds x US$0.20 = US$4.00
- Cash pay out: 20 pounds x US$0.15 = US$3.00 (usually cash payouts starts from US$20.00)

At a.k.a. MYCT - you can save MyEco-Credits which you can redeem to use for:
- Car parts & accessories made available by MYCT vendors
- Vehicle maintenance services given by certified local mechanics
- Purchase MYCT subscriptions
- or receive a payout on your bank account
- and more.. (stay tuned)

We are ready to give MyEco-Credits and will offer the best prices for good quality scraps. 

*Aluminium price depends on the daily rate, however offered price will be calculated per delivered pound.

Contact us at email for more information.

Author: MyCaribTrader
Posted: Week 34 - 2015
Blog post: 160259

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