Monday 21 Jun 2021

Introduction: Andy - ICT Manager

Back in August 2009 Cee was busy forming one of his ideas and was looking for somebody to help him set up a trading site. At that time Andy's focus was already shifting from 18 years of printing experience towards the digital world. For a brief period of time Cee and Andy worked together on the second web version of MyCaribTrader and they made good progress. Right from the start it was agreed that the collaboration was for a fixed timeperiod, after that their ways parted.

But after a while Andy started missing the pleasant time they worked together and contacted Cee with a proposal to renew the collaboration. Cee felt the same and they decided to combine their strenght and to finish what they've started: Help people to finally get rid of those old vehicles in their backyards, which are slowly slipping into nature as we speak.

At this point in time they are almost ready to let the site go public. They will start with some interesting 'Early Bird' benefits, so keep an eye out on this blog and our Social Media channels to be one of the first to profit.

Although this site plays an important role in their plans, it's not the main goal, it's part of a bigger picture. They are also busy with the set up of different recycle programs and container homes. All with the purpose to create a more sustainable environment and smarter use of the available resources.

"We feel a strong urge to collaborate on making the world a better place for our kids and generations to come". Strong words, but they take it one step at the time. And although the steps are small, they believe every step in the right direction will make a difference.

Author: MyCaribTrader
Posted: Week 24 - 2016
Blog post: 160301

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