Monday 21 Jun 2021

SEALANDER Schwimmcaravan

MYCT proudly presents - the SEALANDER. The SEALANDER, manufactured in Germany, combines a caravan with a boat: A place of retreat with cooking area and bed on land, a swimming island and pleasure boat with engine on water. The shore line is not a frontier anymore. It's an opportunity.

MYCARIBTRADER is proud to be SEALANDER's first Caribbean Promoter to advertise this unique vehicle to private and commercial buyers as well!

Boost your recreational business with this unrivalled eye catcher. Get in touch with us to customise your individual edition of the SEALANDER.

  1. Stable and safe: glass fibre reinforced synthetic mats are merged into a seamless form.
  2. The ladder safes as strut on land and as entry in water. It can be tilted up and turns into a fixed railing.
  3. The chassis is fully galvanised. The wheel hubs are equipped with oil bearings and sealed to protect from water. Thus, the SEALANDER is always ready to depart into the sea and return to land.
  4. The panorama windows provide an unimpaired view – with retracted soft top, the view turns limitless.

The SEALANDER comes with road and water approval – it doesn't require a boat or trailer driving license (according to EU legislation).

The interior combines traditional with most modern materials which can be flexibly determined by your good self. Choose from a variety of materials – combine as you wish and configure the SEALANDER according to your style. At night, the seats turn into a comfy bed and with closed sun deck, the SEALANDER protects against wind and weather.

Want one?
Get in touch with us via our contact form to learn more on its configuration, shipping and pricing! Check our Caravan Channel for more details. The SEALANDER addresses private and commercial buyers alike to make their dream of freedom come true - hotels, resorts or rent-outs - send your enquiry through our commercial contact form.

Special offer: Have it branded with your personal or your company logo!

Technical Data: 
Length overall 406 cm
Length structure 372 cm
Width 168 cm
Height 189 cm

Reclining surface 200 x 156 cm
Additional load on water 410 kg
Draught 32 cm

Empty weight 485 kg (approx.)
Permissible total weight 550 kg

Author: Dirk
Posted: Week 29 - 2016
Advertorial article: 160339

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