Monday 21 Jun 2021

Setting up Shop on St. Maarten

It took a while to get ourselves more familiar with business aspects in the Caribbean. Different countries, islands, nations with different prioritities and different business focus. It is obvious that Tourism is the main business that accounts for this regions billion dollar turnover every year. 

To cater to Tourism, besides providing commodities such as accommodation, food and internet connection - transportation plays the biggest commodity role. Because of Airline companies, Cruise-ship companies, Yachts - and Boat charters -  Tourism is made possible to reach the Caribbean. Then there are Tourbus companies, Taxis, Car rentals, Motorcycle-, Quat-, Trike- and Scoorter rentals, Car dealers and Public bus transportation to mobilize Tourists and ofcourse the Caribbean inhabitants.

Now looking at the Eco aspect of transportation in the Caribbean, on the current scale there is yet little development of implementing electrical vehicles. An item which would love to ambassador more prominently when setting up shop on St. Maarten Dutch West Indies. 

Why this Caribbean island of 37square miles?
Because for years on end this island has proven to be THE "hub" to the Caribbean. St. Maarten has a track record of shipping vehicles throughout a big part of the Caribbean. The Dutch and Fench part of the island with approximately 77.000 registered inhabitants together accounts for approximately 61.000 registered vehicles daily on the road. The majority of these vehicles are Tourbusses, Taxis, private vehicles used for Gypsies (illegal taxis), Car Rentals, Motorcycles, Scooters, Quats and Trikes, Public Transportation busses, School busses, Church busses and of course the private car owners. 

Besides this on St. Martin (French part) there are a few initiatives that has installed electrical posts to cater to hybrid and electrical cars. MYCT is ready to join and encourage this initiative and will work on the process to make the Caribbean receptive for our Eco philosophy and vision, literally promoting to Go Green by buying hybrid and or electrical vehicles - refurbishing - and or recycling - and or repurposing vehicles and parts amongst the Caribbean inhabitants. Let us cause less damage to our surroundings, especially when throwing away the old to be replaced with something new. Using MYCT's platform will cut short the waiting line and time for example when ordering a part or an accessory from another continent and it will save all of us money! 

Let’s Go Green Together

Help us shape the future of Eco responsible vehicle trade within the Caribbean! To make this happen we are looking for enthusiastic go-getters! We’re always looking for people who can help us achieve our mission. Lets have fun while getting work done!

Starting on St. Maarten / St. Martin there are MYCT vacancies published on 
We are also looking for collaboration with companies in the automotive, marine and aircraft sector throughout the Caribbean.   

Do get in touch with us! We love to welcome you to join our mission of going green together!


Author: Cee
Posted: Week 24 - 2017
Blog post: 160400

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