This Event page is brought to life due to the devastating September 2017 impacts of the Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria left across the Windward- and Leeward islands, throughout the western Caribbean region and a few states of America. 

Now that many of us have suffered vehicle and vessel damage it is key to get the logistics for parts and accessories available stat! For example vehicle parts such as batteries, windshields, side mirrors, window wipers, lights (front and rear), tires, rims and a lot more are needed asap. This is why we are calling out to automotive and nautical businesses to join forces in making vehicle and vessel parts available online asap! 

MYCT wanting to help is therefor reaching out to those who need parts now. This is why we offer Mycaribtrader platform to promote available vehicle and vessel parts throughout the Caribbean. Everybody needing to sell their (damaged-)vehicle or vessel, parts and accessories can post FREE ads for FREE for the remaining weeks of this year.  We are here to assist in finding what you need. And we will make sure that the part you need will reach your location. 

Also contact us if you have spare parts available now for upload and your ad will be online for FREE within 24 hours. If not sold your ad will remain for FREE until 31 December 2017. In January 2018 you will be contacted to discuss your ad and if applicable offered one of our available packages to suite your needs.

Contact us if you have spare parts available and or vehicles and vessels for SALE.


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Besides publishing Disaster and Relief campaigns more positive events will also be published here as well.