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First, register with us

In order to place any advert on-line, you will need to be registered with us. This is in order for us to track your advert and ensure we have a valid e-mail address with which to communicate with you.

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What you will need - checklist

  1. Your full address
  2. The registration number of the vehicle to be advertised
  3. The vehicle details - Make, Model, Variant
  4. The advert text to describe your vehicle
  5. Up to 6 photos of the vehicle to be advertised (in a JPEG format) - if you don't have any don't worry, if you advertise in our magazines, we can arrange for a photo agent to take them for you for free
  6. A credit card or "Paypal" account to pay for your advert
  7. Decide on where you want to advertise

We offer various advertising options.

All adverts placed on-line will appear on the MYCaribTrader website.

For more information about the advertising options click here.

Vehicle Details
In order to place an advert you will need the registration number of the advertised vehicle.

Here is a short introduction on required vehicle data and the respective MYCT Channels:


This will allow us to:

  • Automatically set the correct make and model of the vehicle ensuring it is searchable via the website and
Present a list of variants of the vehicle for you to choose from, ensuring the correct features are listed
Identify the standard features of the vehicle in order to pre-populate the advert text for you
Occasionally, the 3rd party data we use to check the registration number against is out of date (normally due to cherished transfers/private number plates) therefore we will give you the option to choose the correct make/model manually.
Think about what you want to say about your car ensuring that the description accurately reflects the vehicle for sale.

Remember that if you choose a magazine package you can now enter different vehicle descriptions for the web and magazine versions of your advert allowing you to be far more descriptive on the web where there is less restriction on space.

Please ensure that you edit the text for both the web and magazine versions of your advert. When you're happy with your advert, check the confirmation box for each version.

It is your responsibility to ensure the advert text is correct.

For advice on how to write a good advert and what to include click here.


If you have a digital camera or scanned photos, you can upload them with your advert.

You can now include up to 8 photos in your advert ensuring you can show off your vehicle from every angle, inside and out. You will also benefit from large photos allowing potential buyers to view your vehicle in even more detail.

Photos must be supplied in JPEG format (.JPG, .JPEG), this is the default for most digital cameras, and must be a minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels. Again, for most digital cameras, this is the minimum resolution they can provide.

Remember, if the photos are very large in size, they may take a long time to upload to our site depending on your internet connection speed. We will resize the photos to the correct size but, if you do it in advance it will be quicker to upload.

How to resize photos will depend on the software you have available on your computer, but most digital cameras come with software which will allow you to do this.

On-line Payment Methods
In order to pay for your advert on-line, you'll need a valid credit card or a Paypal-account.

Paypal is an account that allows you to pay by credit/debit card. Setting up an account requires you to enter your payment details only once and all subsequent payments made using your account only require the entry of your account details and password.

We accept the following credit/debit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

For information on site security, transacting over the internet or the Verified by Visa and Master Card Secure Code schemes, visit our security pages.