About us and our mission statement

MyCaribTrader.com (a.k.a. MYCT) is the first pan-Caribbean automotive eco focused platform and e-Marketplace.
We are about to become the number 1 full-service and one stop vehicle online store for buying and selling new, used or pre-owned vehicles and recycled vehicles parts. Currently MYCT is operating from the Netherlands and on-site in the Caribbean from St. Maarten DWI.

Our mission and priority is:

  • To be your ultimate online solution for buying and selling new, certified and used land-, water- and air vehicle.
  • To play a crucial role when it comes to recycling or circulating vehicles and Parts and Accessories throughout the Caribbean region.
  • Support and seek to implement the efficient, ecological disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.

Whether you're shopping for a new, certified or used transportation, our website will be offering you these benefits:

  • The largest selection of vehicle inventory from dealers and private sellers. 
  • The most comprehensive selection of buying and selling tips. 
  • The most complete research and compare tools, including reviews, photos, videos and more. 
  • Vehicle pricing, including seller specials and dealer discounts. 
  • Mechanical services. 
  • International logistics assistance of purchased vehicles. 
  • Safety information and vehicle history reports. 
  • Help with finance, insurance and warranty programs.

Besides the above MyCaribTrader.com stands for sustainable education by bringing suppliers respectively consumers the highest quality of information regarding Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles or techniques in adjacent industries.

Not sure which type of car you want?
MyCaribTrader.com lets you research and compare new, certified and used vehicles by searching for body type, mileage, price and numerous other criteria. Our website allows you to locate vehicles that meet your needs and compare them side by side.

is gearing up to be the first pan-Caribbean e-commerce platform related to traffic, transportation and automotive. For starters our objective is to be the busiest Caribbean focused website. At one time the website will contain more than 100.000 vehicle listings from 10,000+ dealers and 50,000+ private owners. We aim to provide the largest selection of vehicles and attract more than 30.000 qualified buyers each month.

The MyCaribTrader Team

Managing Director - Founder

I have contributed to establishing small, medium and large enterprises in the Netherlands, throughout Europe and in the Caribbean region.

My focus is on the most important aspects related to successfully setting up and running small departments to large businesses. Because of my Think Tank - Consultant background, I came up with the idea in 2006 to develop a platform that encourages the Caribbean inhabitants to recycle and trade vehicles and vessels between and amongst the Caribbean islands. This platform is now known as MyCarib Trader.

Now based on St. Maarten DWI from there on out I like to trade throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world. My industry interests are Automotive, Renewable Energy & Waste Management, Real Estate & Housing Development and Hospitality. If you share my interests feel free to contact me.

Marketing and Sales Dept. – Co-founder

In full accordance with the principle "Think global – act local" I am here to promote your business across the Caribbean – and beyond. Check our Blog, our MY EcoCredits Section and our Recycling Channel for everything related to sustainability and mobility.

With a geo-scientific background in entrepreneurial, sales and project management positions in the renewable energies and recycling industries, I joined MYCARIBTRADER during its first appearance in the World Wide Web. Since then I am contributing to our topics regarding green mobility, recycling and power supply from waste & renewables.

Get in touch with me via our Contact Page and we'll get your business the best pan-Caribbean and world-wide exposure.

ICT Manager - Co-founder

Knowing Cee for over 10 years now, a strong friendship grew within that time. Combining our strenght led to the creation of this website.

But the site is not our main goal, it's a tool for a higher purpose. We feel a strong urge to collaborate on making the world a better place for our kids and generations to come. Strong words, but we take it one step at the time. And although the steps are small, we believe every step in the right direction will make a difference.

We hope many people will make use of this site to finally get rid of those old vehicles in their backyards, which are slowly slipping into nature as we speak.

If I can help by bringing people together and save a little piece of our beautiful planet, my day is a succes.