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MyEcoCredits is a loyalty program where features environmentally friendly services or products related to mobility, infrastructure, energy, durability and waste management.
Trading and Recycling online with MyEco Credit, throughout the Caribbean will even be more attractive and profitable thanks to this unique savings system. For online and local purchases, travels or overnight stays MyEco Credits can be saved, which apply to all member companies as a payment. Not only you can save credits when purchasing products or services, it also gives you the possibility to earn credits when you recycle products or waste.

MyEcoCredits Account
Your credits can be redeemed for Money valued Eco focused services, products and activities. Such as redeeming credits to purchase a solar system for your home or business, or booking an Eco Holiday tour, or donating your earned credits to Eco charities like saving the Caribbean Coral Reefs. And or you can redeem the credits in money.

As a manufacturer or supplier, get in contact with us to promote or offer your dedicated mobility solutions.
As a consumer, search featured articles and offers or get back to us for advice on sustainable behaviour in terms of mobility without any loss of comfort.
Become part of the leading venture of reselling motorized travel and automotive recycling!
For years to come will provide local employment, consumer service, and environmental conservation in the Caribbean region and set a worldwide role model.

Therefore our Motto is: Drive Green Begins Here!

Featured Projects and References of

->We are in the process of developing a disassembly process for salvaged automobiles in order to reclaim reusable parts and components - and, thus, establish an efficient automotive recycling system.

-> We have become a facilitator in Recycle Management in Plastic, Glass, Vehicle Batteries, Aluminium.
-> We are becoming a facilitator in Waste Management and Energy Recovery from Waste
-> We are implementing latest renewable energies technologies like solar, wind and power storage solutions