My Private Credits


An ECO loyalty program where—known as MYCT—and partners features environmentally friendly services or products related to mobility, infrastructure, energy, durability and waste management.


Why & How?

We want you to know how you can profit AGAIN from your  waste. For every collected kilogram of waste we offer a value in credits. These credits are valued as money. In addition these credits symbolize a token of social entrepreneurship. A closed circle where everyone gets a share in waste revenue!

How does this work?
Contact us at A free account will be made for you in which you can choose one of the Eco savings options. Then place your order for a Recycle Bin and start recycling.  We will take it from there. All you have to do is deliver your waste, keep track of your Eco credits and start making plans on how to redeem them. Find beneath the different options which emphasize your purpose for saving Eco credits on a personal level.


My Neighbourhood Eco Credits

For village inhabitants who take pride in their neighbourhood to be kept clean, MYCT assists with installing designated recycle bins in neighbourhoods. Inhabitants can apply to earn credits on a personal level or on a community level.  For the amount of collected waste from neighbourhoods MYCT will compensate those who participated with Eco  credits, or in money valued Eco products, services or activities. 


    • On a personal level MYCT offers Eco incentives, like co-investing in solar energy for a home, or co-invest in a cistern water purifying system, or a family can apply for an Eco Holiday Tour travel.
    • On a community level a neighbourhood street or district can redeem credits to have their neighbourhood kept clean by a scheduled "Park Keeping" unit, or for example co-invest in a shared biogas plant.  Or redeem the credits in money which will put to use to organize a charity event,  flee market or block party to enhance the community recycling spirit.